• What is the QuadGuard made from?
  • The QuadGuard is rotational moulded plastic, carefully designed to provide the flexibility needed, while still maintaining the strength required to withstand the forces in a rollover.

  • Where do the dogs sit?
  • Dogs love the QuadGuard! There’s space for at least 2-3 average size farm dogs, and it gives them something to lean on instead of your back.

  • Where do I put my sprayer?
  • Either on the front, or a small one (30L) can fit under the arc of the QuadGuard - if you have other items on the front of your quad and can’t put your sprayer there, the QuadGuard is super quick to fit/remove, so once you’ve finished spraying, remove the sprayer off the back and fit the QuadGuard. Another option is to use a different vehicle for spraying.

  • What’s the difference between the QuadGuard and the LifeGuard?
  • The main difference between the two is how they’re made. The QuadGuard is rotational moulded plastic, and a once piece design, whereas the LifeGuard has a lot of parts and the arc is made up of 60 individual segments held together by a fibre cable. The LifeGuard is a lot more flexible and can be refurbished if it gets damaged, whereas the QuadGuard will need to be replaced if damaged.

  • Once it’s had a rollover, is it still useable?
  • This will depend on the force of the rollover. If the QuadGuard is deformed after being involved in a rollover, it will need to be replaced. If you’re unsure, please contact us.

  • Will the QuadGuard fit any ATV or Quad Bike?
  • The QuadGuard will fit any quad bike with a metal carrier

  • How is it mounted to the Quad Bike?
  • The QuadGuard simply clamps to the rear carrier of your quad, fitting most makes and models. Severe roll over testing has proved that this method is highly effective as the flexible character of the QuadGuard soaks up the impact, and the carrier can easily sustain the forces required. The mounting brackets consist of two flat bars that can be swivelled at any angle, with hooks that rotate 360° to any position.

    PLEASE NOTE - The QuadGuard fits most makes, but is not recommended for plastic carriers.

  • What is the weight of the QuadGuard?
  • The QuadGuard is only 7.2kg including the fitting kit.

  • How easy is it to fit the QuadGuard - do I need to employ a technician?
  • The QuadGuard can easily be fitted by an individual, and there is no need to employ a technician, please make sure that you read the instruction books in detail, and follow the instructions. In any doubt please contact us.

  • What maintenance is required with the QuadGuard?
  • It is important to ensure the mounting brackets are kept at the correct tension – too tight could damage the QuadGuard, and too loose may enable the QuadGuard to come off in a rollover. If it requires a neoprene cover for the country it is sold in, this will need to be replaced if damaged.

  • Has the QuadGuard been tested in roll over conditions?
  • It certainly has! Before going to market the QuadGuard was tested in many ways, including rollovers with and without the rider. Check out our videos to see this.

  • How safe is the QuadGuard when fitted to an ATV/Quad?
  • In most situations, your quad bike is a lot safer with one fitted. The QuadGuard reduces the risk of serious injury or death, by offering some protection to the rider in the event of a roll over. We view it like a seat belt in a car - obviously it will not save every life but it will save a lot more by using one.

  • How long will the QuadGuard last?
  • The QuadGuard currently has an expected lifespan of 5 years, which will be reviewed each year leading up to the first five years the QuadGuard is on the market, and confirmed by the end of 2024 or before if necessary. If your QuadGuard has lost its serial number, it will need to be replaced due to the its expiry date being linked to the serial number. A list of serial numbers and their expiry dates will be available online, or if you’re unsure if yours is still usable, please contact us.

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