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This is our flagship product that is used by hundreds of quad bike riders all over Australia and New Zealand. Your ready-to-install product is delivered within 7 days of placing your order!


Check out the QuadGuard in action below

QuadGuard – The revolutionary new quad bike Operator Protective Device.

Flexible & Passive

Designed to provide comfort in the event of an accident. The guard, whilst strong, is also forgiving.

High quality alloy frame

The frame has been brutally tested and has withstood punishment from all angles.

Easy To Install

Delivered with full installation instructions, installation usually takes around 15 minutes.

Might save your life!

Let’s not forget the most important feature – it can save your life!

Remember To Ride With Care

Quadguards – The revolutionary new quad bike rider Operator Protective Device.

An OPD (Operator Protective Device) often known as a ‘roll bar’ is designed to provide survival space under an upturned quad bike. It also helps raise the centre of gravity of an upturned quad bike, making it easier to roll it off the rider.

What’s the point in a ‘roll bar’ being flexible?

The main reason for this is so if the ‘roll bar’ itself hits the rider in the event of a roll over, it is less likely to kill or seriously injure them. Along with this, it helps soak up the impact and force from the weight of a quad in a roll over, which is how it can help save the rider, but this can also help stop the quad from being badly damaged as a result of the CPD itself taking this impact.

Key Design Features
  • Flexible Roll Bar will limit impact, but cannot collapse (it can support over 500kg)
  • One piece moulded
  • No moving parts
  • Only weighs 7.2kg
  • Passive and flexible
  • Simple attachment
  • Fits most quad bikes
  • Great price
  • Made in NZ
  • Weather proof
  • Tried and tested
  • Little maintenance
  • Could save your life!

A new innovation in Quad Bike Safety. Passive & Flexible. Yes, there is room for your dogs!

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